The i-Docs Lab

i-Docs is proud to announce the i-Docs Lab!

As more people were approaching us to disseminate our knowledge about the growing i-docs world, we decided to create a modular Lab format to be offered to both companies and conferences/festivals.

The i-Docs Lab is modular workshop where we invite people to expand their understanding of what an i-doc is and use a purpose-oriented approach when creating new projects.

Our very first lab will be held in Bristol this coming 30th of January, during the BBC Digital Bristol Week and will be devided in two parts:

1. i-Docs Lab Part One: key concepts for understanding i-docs

Interactive documentary experts Mandy Rose, Judith Aston and Sandra Gaudenzi will unpack the mysteries of interactive documentaries: what are they, what is exciting about them and how do they relate to the documentary tradition?
Through analysis of a range of interactive projects, all of which place new logics of authorship and storytelling at their core, the session will provide participants with a set of conceptual tools to assist in the development of their own work.

2. i-Docs Lab Part Two: meet the producers of two success stories

Two approaches to interactive documentary from two leading proponents in the field will be presented: Max Whitby, CEO of Touchpress, and Patrick Uden, founder of Uden Media. Both have a distinguished track record of factual production within the BBC and both have branched out to run successful new media production companies. They will discuss their respective journeys to independence and showcase their innovative work.

The event is free but you have to book online! Do visit the Digital Bristol Week website to book now!

We really hope to see you there soon!

Sandra, Judith and Mandy