Judith Aston

I was a pioneer in the UK’s emergent interactive media industry in the mid-1980s, working as a new media producer with Cambridge University and the BBC, and have worked across academia and industry ever since. Much of my work has been around using the aesthetics of multiple windows, database architecture and dynamic system thinking to develop new possibilities for the documentary genre. I have a particular interest in exploring the potential of the interactive documentary as a means through which to represent multiple points of view and to encourage intercultural dialogue.

Holding a PhD in computer-related design from the Royal College of Art and a Masters degree in the social sciences from the University of Cambridge, I have always taken an interdisciplinary approach to my work. My practice involves developing poetic approaches to interactivity – ones which move beyond the point and click world of information design to the creation of meaningful experiences that are fluid and tactile, and which can act as triggers for bringing people and communities together.

I was responsible for bringing new media teaching to the Media Practice programmes at UWE, Bristol and was also heavily involved in the development of what has now become a lively postgraduate teaching and research community. As former Programme Leader for MA programmes in Digital and Interactive Media, I am now consolidating my teaching expertise in cross-platform documentary production and developing a range of interactive documentary projects through the Digital Cultures Research Centre and Pervasive Media Studio.

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