Tommy Pallotta on technology and documentary

The following is an interesting interview with Tommy Pallotta (Collapsus) – who is apparently currently working on a documentary were animation is  widely used (not clear if there is any interaction too).

Pallotta has an interesting view on technology – a view that I entirely share and that I always try to remember:  “For me” he says ” technology is intuitive for me, but I’m 44 years old. I didn’t grow up with technology and I’m not in love with it. Sometimes I’m so glad that Facebook wasn’t around when I went to college and I feel sorry for people. The real issue is that the promise of technology was that it would make life simpler and bring us closer together.”

When we look at idocs I think it is important to see technology as a playground, but also as an action that has a purpose. Without purpose interactivity is a distraction to meaning… and then it is pointless…

Go though this link to read Pallotta’s interview. It was given before a keynote at the New York Film Festival on September 27th. Enjoy….