Translimitstorytelling: creating stories for the digital age

Translimitstorytelling is a brand new company dedicated to creating stories for the digital age. Headed up by Nina Simoes, who spoke at i-Docs 2011 & 2012, they already have two strong in-house productions, the company is also open to co-productions with creators who are experimenting with groundbreaking technologies and innovative ways to engage with audiences.

The team behind Translimitstorytelling is interested in stories and how technology is changing the way we tell them and their current productions demonstrate this perfectly: ‘Cora, a beautiful kind of risky’ a fantasy cross-platform experience, combines websites, investigation games, augmented reality apps, webisodes, a printed publication and its interactive book app adaptation, location-based alternate reality gaming, and interactive live events.

Fragments of Parenthood is Translimitstorytelling’s second in-house production. It’s a global participatory project that focuses on exploring the impact of parenthood on mothers and fathers of the 21st century. Nina presented the project at the 2012 i-Docs symposium and it has continued to expand since then, looking to identify galleries and museums to display the installation in the future.

Nina told i-Docs “Right now our main goal is to expose the brand Translimitstorytelling and the projects we are developing. We are hoping to expand our work during early 2013.” And we’re certainly looking forward to new productions and collaborations that will emerge from this exciting new company!