Curating VR: Catherine Allen offers lessons learnt

Virtual Reality is increasingly ever-present at arts venues and other cultural events – but curating it isn’t always an easy task. A recently published report by Catherine Allen and commissioned by the Watershed (Bristol, UK) seeks to address what role cultural cinemas and independent arts venues play in the presentation of VR.

Catherine curated ‘VR Sessions‘ in June, a season of predominantly non-fiction VR experiences open to the public. The experiences included Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel (Directed by Oscar Raby for the BBC), Through You (Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld), Dancing with Myself (Jane Gauntlett) and Natural Reality 2:1 (Dorothea Gibbs).

I worked alongside her and the Watershed team to conduct audience research during the season to find out what people thought of this new medium; the content, the experience and it’s place within an independent cinema venue.

Find out more in the full report – Virtual Reality Sessions: Lessons learnt for the cultural cinema sector