Wander, Wonder, Wilderness Premiere at the ICA

Join Paul Turano on September 20th and 21st at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston for the premiere of his new film Wander, Wonder, Wilderness.

This documentary project explores the urban wilds and parks of Greater Boston and celebrates the relevance of nature-based experiences in an increasingly consumption-driven technological world.

One part history lesson, one part ecological perspective, and one part poetic rumination, the film examines a range of ideas around landscape–evolving notions of wilderness, historical layers of human experience with nature and its resources, and personal meditations on the environment – illuminating the potential for restoring a symbiotic ecological balance.

The film is part of a larger multi-platform project that consists of a smartphone app and interactive website, encouraging users to explore urban wilds and green spaces of Greater Boston. The film’s premiere at the ICA will include a presentation on these interactive components and the project’s community engagement initiative.

The project has partnered with a range of green space organizations and city agencies to collaborate on initiatives for engaging Boston residents and visitors with the abundant public parks and urban wilds of the region. The team has been hard at work on a general user version of the mobile app and the development of an educational application aimed at high school and college age students.

This location-based learning tool will provide users with information about the natural sites they are visiting, educational activities to connect them to nature, and creative tools to document their experiences and thoughts. To make these initiatives possible, Paul and his team will launch a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of September to raise funds for the project. Money raised will go towards website enhancements, app refinements for an educational setting, and designing a prototype lesson plan for schools.

Wander, Wonder, Wilderness celebrates the significance of nature-based experiences in an urban environment.

You can come and be part of this inspiring project at the ICA on September 20th at 7pm and Sunday September 21st at 3pm. For ticket information visit the ICA’s website. For more information about the project visit: http://www.wanderurbanwilds.com.