Choreographies of Collaboration: Social Engagement in Interactive Documentaries

This article analyzes new opportunities for using interactive non-linear documentary as social change interventions. Through a series of in-depth conversations with socially engaged Canadian directors, producers and distribution strategists, we discuss how they are reconfiguring their production and outreach in a rapidly shifting and increasingly collaborative media environment. We focus on three recent projects produced or co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada: Here at Home, Highrise and Fort McMoney. The projects address key social issues in Canada including housing, poverty, urbanization, oil production and the environment and are each quite distinct in form as well as strategies of collaboration and engagement. This in-depth analysis of three projects has permitted us to explore interesting tensions and innovations with regard to strategic partnerships and emerging social engagement practices.

Miller, L.; Allor, M. (2016) “Choreographies of Collaboration: Social Engagement in Interactive Documentaries”. In: Studies in Documentary Film Vol 10 Issue 1, Pp. 53—70, DOI 10.1080/17503280.2016.1171686


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