New documentary ecologies: Emerging platforms, practices and discourses

Documentary remains a vital and dynamic media form, one that has persisted through decades of change in patterns of media production, distribution and reception, from its early conception in silent filmmaking, through ‘new’ media such as television, to the current explosion of digital platforms. New generations of documentary filmmakers, multimedia designers, online curators and social media aggregators are exploring the challenges and opportunities of a digital environment characterised as collaborative, participatory, and interactive. This book provides a unique collection of recent research into the ways in which these digital producers are adopting the ‘documentary project’ across digital platforms, developing new documentary practices and providing distinctive new ways for audiences to engage with reality.
Introduction : new documentary ecologies : emerging platforms, practices and discourses / Kate Nash, Craig Hight and Catherine Summerhayes – Documentary ecosystems : collaboration and exploitation / Jon Dovey – Ceding the activist digital documentary / Alexandra Juhasz – Clicking on the world : documentary representation and interactivity / Kate Nash – Interactive documentary and affective ecologies / Adrian Miles – Web-weaving : the affective movement of documentary imaging / Catherine Summerhayes – Spinning a collaborative web : documentary projects in the digital arena / Elizabeth Coffman – An interview with Ingrid Kopp, Director of Digital Initiatives Tribeca Film Institute / Kate Nash – Strategies of participation : the who, what and when of collaborative documentaries / Sandra Gaudenzi – An interview with Jigar Mehta, Director of Operations, Matter / Kate Nash – Making (with) the Korsakow system : database documentaries as articulation and assemblage / Matt Soar – The evolution of animated documentary / Annabelle Honess Roe – An interview with Florian Thalhoffer, media artist and documentary maker / Kate Nash – Digital diffusion of delusions : a World Wide Web of conspiracy documentaries / Bjørn Sørenssen – Shoot, edit, share : cultural software and user-generated documentary practice / Craig Hight – Ethical challenges for documentarians in a user-centric environment / Patricia Aufderheide.

Nash, K.; Hight, C.; Summerhayes, C. (eds) (2014) “New documentary ecologies: Emerging platforms, practices and discourses”. Palgrave MacMillan ISBN 978-1-137-31049-1

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