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Digital Bristol week: i-Docs lab

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A couple of weeks ago, i-Docs presented at the BBC Digital Bristol week, if you missed it don’t worry – we have all the talks here courtesy of the BBC: [youtube] Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi, and Mandy Rose – i-Docs Lab 1: Key Concepts for Understanding i-Docs [youtube] Max Whitby – i-Docs Lab 2: Meet the Producers of …

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No i-Docs conference this year, but lots of Labs!

In All posts, i-Docs presents by Sandra Gaudenzi

Yes, it is official, no conference this year, no illuminating talks and friendly drinks at the Watershed this March in Bristol… We have decided to take a pause, after two very successful i-Docs, and reconsider what to do next, and how to do it. The good news: we will be back soon. We are looking at ways to make i-Docs …

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The i-Docs Lab

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i-Docs is proud to announce the i-Docs Lab! As more people were approaching us to disseminate our knowledge about the growing i-docs world, we decided to create a modular Lab format to be offered to both companies and conferences/festivals. The i-Docs Lab is modular workshop where we invite people to expand their understanding of what an i-doc is and use …