HonkyLab is an open space of reflection and exhibition dedicated to new forms of storytelling. The HonkyLab is Honkytonk Films in-house media lab.

Also, discover Klynt , Honkylab’s new editing & publishing app dedicated to interactive storytellers which has got a lot of people very excited:

“A MUST for all multimedia storytellers”
— @koci, Professor of New Media at UC Berkeley

“Awesome interactive project creator app”
— @zlwise, Multimedia Producer, NYTimes

“Love the visualisation of the storyboard”
— @claireburge, UK Photographer

“I believe it is the best digital storytelling tool I’ve found yet!”
— @psesinando, Graphic Designer & contributor of the Nieman Lab

Session Title: HonkyLab feed-back session

Have a look at the Klynt software:

Hands-On Klynt: The Basics from Klynt on Vimeo.

Visit their site to download a free demo and have a look at our Saturday workshops for your chance to work with and learn from the developers of the Klynt app.