Sheffield Doc Fest: a few brilliant projects

Not everyone (including me) was lucky enough to be at Sheffield Doc Fest this year, but luckily some of the i-Docs team were and I was able to avidly follow their movements via the wonder that is Twitter to bring you, lucky reader, some of the projects that appeared at the renowned documentary festival this year:

First up  is, which was initially brought to my attention by i-Docs speaker Mandy Rose:

Mandy J Rose ‏@CollabDocs
#sheffdocfest Social history / cross-media / multi-national approach from Gebrueder Beetz

[quote]“Farewell Comrades! Interactive” is an immersive and emotional documentary web format that takes our audience on an interactive journey into the Eastern Bloc. A collection of real postcards introduces outstanding stories from throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union about friendship, passion, rebellion and beliefs, offering unique insight into day-to-day life beyond the Iron Curtain and the dynamic behind the collapse.[/quote] –

Find out more about the project and marvel over the lovely graphics and design in this video:

Having just returned from Barcelona I am really gutted that I wasn’t aware of this before I went.

[quote][NO-RES] is a chronicle of life during the last days of Colònia Castells, one of the last remaining workers’ quarters in Barcelona. The destruction of its small houses and alleys will bury a unique relational microcosm and obliterate its inhabitants’ very human way of under- standing city space.
We present this videographic chronicle in two different levels: as a finished work (which we call “the film”) and as a Work in Progress[/quote] 

The whole project is being released under the Creative Commons License, which wins it even more brownie points and their web presence is brilliantly detailed with project diaries, multimedia elements, production blogs (in Catalan, so open in Google Chrome for translation), as well as the motivation for the project and information about gentrification in Barcelona.

Watch the teaser below and visit the site for more details.

TEASER de [NO-RES] from [NO-RES] on Vimeo.

Comics now, and Judith Aston drew my attention to Operation Ajax and wow, it’s cool.

Judith Aston ‏@judithaston
#sheffdocfest @idocs2012 @dcrcuk Operation Ajax graphic novel form hits the i-pad. Lovely looking app from Cognito Comics.

Nominated for the best comic app of 2011. New York Times calls it “one of the coolest media experiences that I’ve seen on the iPad”. Operation Ajax is the first true-to-life spy thriller in a new genre of interactive comics experience.

CIA : Operation Ajax for the iPad from Cognito Comics on Vimeo.

After watching the video, i’m sold – comics (maybe not all..) are perfect for this sort of storytelling and the amount of depth that can be packed in and easily accessible is outstanding. Personally, I want to see this done with Marvel’s Secret War graphic novel.

Keep your eyes open as there’s going to be a far more detailed post coming soon to i-Docs from people who actually attended Sheff Doc Fest…