sign up for WEBDOX (Leuven) and the i-doc workshop (Nyon)!



Although there is no i-Docs conference this year in Bristol, the i-Docs team has been very busy taking part to several international initiatives that are worth mentioning:

Judith Aston, Mandy Rose and Arnau Gifreu will be at the i-doc workshop in Nyon (Switzerland) on the 18-22 of April. This is a 3 days course on i-doc making so… sign up quickly if you are interested!

I have for my part helped curating this year’s WEBDOX – that will be held in Leuven, Belgium, on the 6th of May.

The programme that we have put together with MEDIA Desk Belgium – Flemish Community –  is absolutely astonishing:

* Jonathan Harris (USA -technological artist and maker of Cowbird en We Feel Fine) will speak of datavisualisation, infographs and user generated content.

* Jeremy Mendes (CA- interactive producer at National Filmboard Canada) will present the world acclaimed  Bear 71

* Margaux Masikki (FR – producer at Upian) will showcase the i-doc of the year Alma – A Tale of Violence

* Daniel Burwen (US – storyteller and maker of Operation Ajax) will speak of the challenges and opportunities of creating graphic novels for the tablet.

* Nonny de la Peña (US – journalist and maker of Hunger in LA) will discuss what happens when documentaries move into 3D virtual worlds.

* Sabine Lange (FR/DE – commissioning editor at ARTE Strasbourg) (tbc) will give us the point of view of the TV commissioning editor: what are they looking for? what works and what doesn’t work?

* Bjarke Myrthu (DA – founder of Storyplanet) will illustrate how easy it can be for producers to move into the i-doc world by using ready made authoring tools for interactive web content.

* François Le Galle (FR – interactive producer at Camera Talk Productions) will present  Défense d’Afficher, a great example of how an i-doc can use an app to involve its audience in active participation in situ.

I do not think we could have hoped for a better panel of people! The day will give a 360 degrees overview of what is possible today in i-docs land.

For those who want to attend, follow this link and register quickly!

For those that have a few more days,and want to be more hands on, have a look to the  idrops Lab programme for the rest of the week:

* on  May 7th there is a DOCJAM where documentary makers & producers, game developers & designers and digital peeps from mobile to open source with a dox interest jam together within the world of interactive, multimedia and online dox.

* on May 8th & 9th,still in Leuven, DOX + TECH LAB will introduce the world of coding  to documentary makers by a team of techies with a soft spot for dox (our very best i-Docs friends A Navalla Suiza).

So… this should be enough to feed your i-docs appetite for the year!!!

Whether you just want to know what’s up in the i-doc world, mingle with other professionals or develop your very own project… get into action mode and register!!!!

Hoping to see you there…

Sandra Gaudenzi