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Precarious times and nonlinear thinking: Using i-docs to explore the temporary city

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by Ella Harris Precarity seems to define the contemporary structure of feeling. From the migrant crisis, to climate change, to intensifying austerity, the precarity that has long been a recognised feature of labour economies is expanding into new arenas. This widespread precarity is impacting on the geographies we inhabit. In London there are some obvious ‘precarious urbanisms’ such as sites …

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interDocsBarcelona 2016 / 23-29 June – Interactive Pitch, online screenings and Popathon

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In the first post we introduced the new edition of interDocsBarcelona and its main activity, the conference. Here we will explain the other parts of the event: the interactive pitch, Popathon, online screenings and Meeting Point. b) Interactive Pitch: a financing and promotion platform for interactive and transmedia documentary projects. The Interactive Pitch consists on a presentation of 4 interactive projects in front …

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VR filmmaker Darren Emerson on the creative & ethical challenges of 360° documentary

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Darren Emerson’s 360° documentary Witness 360: 7/7 has been shown at festivals internationally, most recently at the MIT Virtually There conference. It is perhaps one of the more ambitious projects i’ve seen in the format, with a running time of almost 15 minutes and a strong narrative led by a survivor of the 7/7 bombings. I caught up with Darren …

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VR stole the show at TFI Interactive

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Tribeca Film Festival took place last month and along with a huge selection of traditional films, shone a light on all things interactive with Storyscapes, the interactive playground, the one-day interactive conference and the brand new VR arcade and Maker spaces. Whilst VR continues to receive a lot of attention from just about everyone, everywhere, Tribeca balanced the focus with a …

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interDocsBarcelona 2016 / 23-29 June – The conference

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The nineteenth edition of DocsBarcelona will open on Wednesday 25th of May with Sonita, by the Iranian director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami. The closing will be on Sunday 29th of May with the awards ceremony. Here is a summary of the last edition (2015): interDocsBarcelona is the interactive and transmedia documentary section of DocsBarcelona, a professional meeting to understand, disseminate, create, finance and exhibit the interactive documentary. Here you …

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Do we need an i-doc sourcebook?

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If you have worked in film/tv production you will know that the industry sourcebook is your bible: this is the place you go to to find where to hire your equipment, what is the date of the next film festival and how to get to the freelancers you need in your team. Now… we don’t have an i-doc sourcebook – is this a problem? …

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A Polish Journey – A web-doc about migration and its legacy

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A Polish Journey, a web based documentary produced by using Klynt, is a highly poetical interactive experience exploring borders, the theme of migration and the legacy it holds for future generations. Focusing its lens on landscape, referencing the romantic poetry of Heinrich Heine and Adam Mickiewicz, documentary filmmaker and media artist Julian Konczak embarks on a journey across the frontiers …

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Qualified (Ambtítol). The university, subject of debate.

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By Carles Sora and Neus Ballús In recent years, the number of people with university qualifications has been enormously increasing. In a society in which each new academic year sees more university degree holders, it is important to reflect on the role that university plays in our lives. Ambtítol is a compilation of the experiences of several former university students; …

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Reflections on the i-Docs Symposium 2016 & the short history/long future of interactive documentary

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If a proof was needed that the founders of i-Docs were right to argue from the outset for an “expansive notion” of interactive documentary practice five years ago, that evidence was finally given at the i-Docs Symposium 2016. Within this broad framework,  ‘zooming in’ and ‘zooming out’ are keys to engage transdisciplinary discourse among makers and researchers on phenomena in …

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Invisible Seams – Getting behind the spectacle of the fashion industry with augmented reality

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Sarah Nelson Wright, a media artist based in New York City and a professor at Marymount Manhattan College, is currently working on an augmented reality non-fictional locative project: Invisible Seams, an interactive walking tour through SoHo, uses several concepts one could summarized as “expanded documentary practices” to allow user to engage with place and history. After having discussed her ideas …

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Interactive documentary – what does it mean and why does it matter?

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Having just convened our fourth i-Docs symposium, it feels like an opportune moment to reflect on what is meant by ‘interactive documentary’ and why we at i-Docs have always seen it as a way of framing a set of possibilities, as opposed to being a specific medium, genre or platform. This seems prescient in light of the ‘immersive turn’ with interactive …

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COME/IN/DOC Documentary Series – Episode 1 – Part 2

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In our previous post we explained the story behind the experimental project COME/IN/DOC, and last week, during the 4rth edition of the i-Docs Conference we launched the last part of the transmedia project: the Documentary Series. Very happy to say one week after the release that important people in the field said to me ‘thank you’ for this resource, which may …

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Exploring interactive documentary: Catch up from i-Docs 2016

In All posts, i-Docs 2016 by Jess Linington

The i-Docs symposium finished last Friday evening after three days of examining and exploring the world of interactive documentary. Our biggest symposium yet saw delegates from all over the world descend on the Watershed in Bristol to hear from a multitude of people from both academic and industry backgrounds. If, like me, you were not lucky enough to be there, you …

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COME/IN/DOC Series launched!

In All posts by Arnau Gifreu

Over 4 years ago I began on a complex personal adventure: take the concept and emerging field of interactive documentary to the lab to analyze it, dissect it, study it and draw some conclusions. Today this adventure has generated more questions than answers; but perhaps that is the most interesting of all, don’t you think? The idea was born on …