Call for Political Remix Videos

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The call for Political Remix Videos (PVRs) is open until December 25th 2011. EMBED, together with the European Cultural Foundation and the Doc Next Network, call for international PVRs. Works participating will become part of EMBED events. Some of them will be included in the Doc Next Network media collection. Since last year, EMBED has been collaborating with the Doc Next Network …

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The downloadable report comes to the tablets

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The exploration of both new narrative forms and possible ways of doing business for reporting and creating documentaries has started to bear fruit in the tablets, with the iPad as the principal ‘promised land’. Let’s take a look at four examples of apps. In this article I wrote for La Vanguardia four cases are shown: Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box, Condition One, Congo, …

Video: Transmedia for Social Documentaries

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What does the word transmedia actually mean? What do documentaries need to be to ensure that they are seen in this complex media world? On this event, transmedia creators discussed ‘what “transmedia” actually means, how documentaries can adapt to take advantage of this new medium and the opportunities it offers for new storytellling techniques’. Tribeca Film Institute at The New …

Transmedia views: An interview with Nuno Bernardo

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Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning transmedia writer/producer and creator of the world’s first international interactive on-line teen series, Sofia’s Diary. He is also the CEO of transmedia production company beActive and author of The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia. Your background is in advertising and journalism. What element or factor would you say it was decisive to setting up your company …

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Popcorn.js and i-docs: the start of a great relationship?

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A glance at popcorn.js and its possibilities for i-docs making, one week before the release of its 1.0 version at the Mozilla Festival in London. The last article posted by Arnau Gifreu on the evolution and the future of the Internet invited me to start my collaboration with i-Docs introducing the first proposals that are coming from different studios to … as a tool for idocs

In All posts, Guest posts, News & Events by anndanylkiw is a new website for storytelling you should be using.  From our prospective as i-doc makers, it offers an interesting paradigm: separable page format that whilst remaining in the control of the maker, offers a unified (though linear) discussion space that can be remixed (and made nonlinear).  It’s also an interesting case study as an interface that encourages expression …

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Multimedia content editors

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The production of multimedia specials has a lot in common with the artisanal process. Apart from the narrative work, one has to put the pieces together, which involves web programming. The lack of editors and content managers which can adapt to the needs of each project has obliged people to use a made-to-measure programming method for each job. The necessity demands it, and the …